Troy Thoreson

Thoreson Web Designs

Genoa City,  WI

Web Site Developer • Web Designer • Graphic Designer


Freelance web design and development employment that fully utilizes my diverse experience in web site design and development and offers the opportunity for career advancement along with the further expansion of my web and IT skills.



Diverse experience with computers, website development, and design.  Hands on experience with:
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, HTML, PHP, Wordpress, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Windows 3.11/95/98/XP/Server 2003/Windows 7/ Windows 10, Free BSD, and Linux.


Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee::
Milwaukee,  WI

Volunteer Web Designer

Duties include: Wordpress theme customizations, web programming (php/javascript), script installations, web usability, accessibility, testing and debugging.

Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee:
Milwaukee,  WI

Volnteer Web Designer

Duties include: Recreating and customizing individual pages.

Thoreson Web Designs:
Genoa City,  WI

Professional Web Site Development.
Duties include: Designing web sites, maintaining web sites, creating custom web graphics and layouts, web programming (php/javascript), script installations, web usability, accessibility, testing and debugging, client and relations.

Thoreson Computer Repair:
Genoa City,  WI

Duties include: Trouble shooting, and repairing computers, installing operating systems, software, virus removal, software and hardware upgrades, and also custom computer builds.